September 3, 2012

State of the Game Update for September 3, 2012

     The Arena Net team has been providing a daily status update about several issues that are cropping up for players via the Guild Wars 2 wiki site. Today's update had some information about the trading post and some bug fixes. Jump past the break for the updates.

In last night's update we fixed blocking issues with the storyline steps "Stealing Secrets" and "A Grisly Shipment". We're preparing to fix issues with "The Battle for Fort Trinity" and "Shell Shock" for tonight's update. 
     This quote was from the Storyline Steps subsection of the status update. This was following some issues reported by players regarding these quest lines. It's a good thing to see these issues are fixed (or will be fixed today). The more interesting update though comes from the Trading Post subsection.
We've been expanding the Trading Post's capacity to handle the huge volume of requested trades. After our test yesterday, we've been working to resolve some issues reported by players. We expect to have the Trading Post online for all players this evening.
     If this post proves to be true, we'll be finally rid of the cute little sleeping Quaggan that was put in place to appease the wait. Though best not to keep your hopes up just yet as the team has a twitter post that kind of contradicts the status update.
The trading post is still in manteinance for some worlds. Sorry for the inconvenience, no ETA on this particular issue. ^DO
     At this point we can't know for sure when it will be up but if the last few tests were any indication, people are itching for some trading action.

Link to Guild Wars 2 Wiki: Guild Wars 2: Game Status Update
Link to Twitter Post: Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Maintenance

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