September 4, 2012

So you want to look pretty: A Transmutation Guide

     The Guild Wars franchise always had placed an importance in aesthetics. In normal words, the game gives importance to looking good, cool or even rad (a term from a different era, I'm not old don't judge me). The sequel is no exception and the game has integrated a system that further expands the player choice in terms of customizing how they look. This is called the transmutation system. I have recently tried this system and I'm putting up this small guide/journal of my experience with it.

     To quickly describe the transmutation system, this is a process where in you take the a particular piece of armor and change it so that it looks like another piece of armor. It is worthy to note that the stats and attributes of the original piece of armor can be retained thus making transmutation an aesthetic process. 

The Transmutation Stone is the one in the upper left

     Before you begin the process, you need the following:
1 x Basic Transmutation Stone
1 x Piece of Armor/Weapon with the desired stats and attributes
1 x Piece of Armor/Weapon with the desired skin/look
     Note that the armors and weapons that you want to transmute together have to be from the same item type. For example, if you have a Heavy Armor Helm with your desired stats, you need to match it with a Heavy Armor Helm with the desired look. This also applies to weapons where the two weapons to be transmuted are the same type. Also, you can get the Basic Transmutation Stone from the Gem shop for 125 Gems for 5 pieces. Alternatively, you can get this from Black Lion Chests as well as some of the personal storyline rewards. I'll be showing the whole process through a series of pictures.

     To start the process, double-click on the stone to bring up the transmutation window. 

     Drag the items that you want to transmute each into one of the panels shown. It doesn't matter where you place each item as you will make your decisions in terms of skins and stats later.

     From here, your items will be shown to have three choices each. From the top, the look of the item, the main stats of the item, and any enhancements on the item. You just pick the one you prefer from the two choices of look, stats and enhancement. 

     Once you are done, confirm your selection by selecting Item Transmutation. And you are done!

     Some comments on the system. I think it is a pretty good system since it really brings out a lot of customization options to your character. This means that you don't have to put up with the skin of an item with better stats but not so pleasing item model. However, this will mean that people will no longer have a gauge on your progression since it is possible to have lower tier armor skins with maxed stats. I am on the fence as to which system is actually better since I was used to games where you can immediately tell how far this person has progressed based on the items you see them wear. Come to think of it, this can also be spun into a pro since there will be less judgments on what people wear in general. Still not sure which is better but I can safely say that this system really brings the customization up a notch.

     You can see my post-transmuted character in the first image above. As bonus, here's what my character looked like before the transmutation.

Does the new one look better? Or did you prefer the old one? Sound off what you think!

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