September 6, 2012

Farmer's Handbook: Queensdale - Basic Crafting Materials

The Farmer's Handbook is a column dedicated to guide you to drop locations of crafting materials that can be obtained across the world of Guild Wars 2.

     Welcome to the first post of the Farmer's Handbook. As mentioned in the introduction post, we'll be splitting the guide into two main sections for each map. This section will be covering the basic crafting materials namely ores, wood, cloth, leather and crops.

     In this article, we'll be focusing on the Human starting area Queensdale. This map is populated by a good variety of enemies though you'd find that bandits and centaurs are quite common.

Copper Ores
Type: Resource Node
Used by: Armorsmith, Weaponsmith, Jeweler, Huntsman, Artificer
Gathering Tool: Copper Mining Pick and above
Found in: Caves, Mountains and Cliff Edges
Salvaged from: Heavy Armor, Swords, Axes, Harpoons, Maces
Ettin Cave
     A good spot of farming copper ores can be found in a cave near the Phinney Reach Waypoint. There is an Ettin cave that has a lot of Copper Nodes around it (about 3-5 nodes) and one Rich Copper Nodes inside the cave. The mountain to the west of the Phinney Reach waypoint is also a good spot as well as Bandithaunt Caverns.

Jute Scraps
Type: Monster Drop
Used by: Armorsmith, Leatherworker, Tailor
Gathering Tool: None
Drops from: Humanoids, Skritts
Salvaged From: Light Armor, Cloth Trophies
Bandithaunt Caverns South of Bandithaunt Caverns; Aspen Saplings
     Bandits in Queensdale tend to drop a lot of cloth trophies. Bandithaunt Caverns as well as the farm south of it have a lot of Bandits and are good spots to farm for these. Also, Bandits drop sacks of pinched goods which can contain Jute Scraps when opened. Skritts can also be found in Windloss Delves, south of Queen's Forest.

Rawhide Leather Sections
Type: Monster Drop
Used by: Leatherworker, Tailor, Artificer, Huntsman
Gathering Tool: None
Drops from: Centaurs, Boars
Salvaged from: Medium Armor, Leather Trophies
Centaurs Forest Boars
     Leather trophies are frequently dropped by centaurs and boars. South of the Tunwatch Redoubt Waypoint is a good place to farm centaurs as this place is constantly sieged by them. Another good location would be the Forest Boars west of the Hunting Lodge. Note as well that Centaurs drop sacks that can contain Rawhide Leather among other things.

Green Wood Logs
Type: Resource Node
Used by: Weaponsmith, Huntsman, Artificer
Gathering Tool: Copper Logging Axe and above
Found in: Forests, Open Fields
Salvaged from: Torches, Staves, Foci, Hammers

Aspen Saplings
     There are two places where I have found around 4 Aspen Saplings. One is the area south of Bandithaunt Caverns (see map under Jute Scraps) and the other is around the area west of the hunting lodge near the boars. Other than these two, Aspen Saplings can be found in forest areas usually away from ridges and mountains.

Carrots, Onions, Lettuce, Mushrooms
Type: Resource Node
Used by: Chef, Artificer
Gathering Tool: Copper Harvesting Sickle and above
Found in: Farmer's Fields, Open Fields
Salvaged from: N/A
Lettuce Farm
     Sadly, I have not yet found a consistent area to farm crops but the general rule is that carrots and onions can usually be found in the fields of farmers scattered across the map. Mushrooms can be found in caves and I have found quite a few in Bandithaunt Caverns. One thing that was consistent though is lettuce. Lettuce grows a lot on a field south of Beetlerun.

     Also note that Resource Nodes also have a small chance to drop gems that are used by Jewelers.

     This wraps up today's Farmer's Handbook. This article is a work in progress so check back to this article for updates. If you have found a better farming spot from the ones mentioned above, be sure to visit the Contact Us section of the site to send us your tips so we can make this article better!

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