September 5, 2012

Dolyak Escort Rewards in WvW Halted for Review

     Dolyak escorts are events in World vs. World where you walk along a dolyak carrying supplies to a pre-determined destination, such as a fort or tower, for delivery. Normally, you get rewarded with experience, coin and what not once you have successfully escorted the Dolyak to its destination, fending off any invaders that come your way. However, in practice, invaders don't usually get to some of the dolyaks since the paths are nested within rows of defensive lines. This can be a strategic choice as you want to keep your supply lines safe, but this translates to escort quests being more of a formality and area for easy rewards. Seems that Arena Net may think that this is the case too.

     In today's state of the game update, the dev team has disabled the dolyak escort rewards. Here is the quote from the state of the game update wiki page.
We're temporarily disabling rewards on Dolyak caravan escort events in World v. World while we work on rebalancing them.
     While this doesn't say why they are reviewing this, in my opinion, it may be due to the fact that some of the escorts feel quite unnecessary. And though we'll be getting slightly less rewards in WvW due to this, I think it will be better for the game mode in the long run since people will no longer be tied up in more "passive" quests and participate more in battles and sieges. Who's to say this is their reasoning for reviewing it or if they will actually change how it works, but here's hoping it gets better.

     There are also other changes such as improvement of item links as well as some bug fixes. You can read the full update in the source below.

Source: Guild Wars 2 Game Status Update for September 05 ,2012

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