September 12, 2012

Farmer's Handbook: Queensdale - Fine Crafting Materials

The Farmer's Handbook is a column dedicated to guide you to drop locations of crafting materials that can be obtained across the world of Guild Wars 2.

     This is the second part to the Farmer's Handbook for Queensdale. In this article, we'll be focusing on good farming locations for fine crafting materials. To quickly define this, these are the items with a blue text that are used in various crafting recipes and are usually tied to a particular statistic e.g. blood is used for power, claws for precision, etc. So without further ado, here are the locations.

Tiny Claw
Dropped by: Moas, Eagleraptors
Crafted Stats: Precision

Eagle Raptors are found before the left turn to the area with moas
     A large group of eagle raptors can be found in an area beside the vineyard event. This location is quite ideal since it is directly beside a field of moas that also drop tiny claws. This ensures that you can continuously keep farming these mobs until you have a sufficient amount.

Vial of Weak Blood
Dropped by: Skales
Crafted Stats: Power

Skale Camp
     You can find a small camp of skales just east of Altar Brook Trading Post. The area is quite small so it is very much possible to aggro all the skales in the area then AOE them down.

Tiny Venom Sac
Dropped by: Spiders, Wasps, Fireflies
Crafted Stats: Condition Damage

Fireflies and Skelks Spiders and Wasps
     The chopped down forest (as well as the non-chopped forest) beside the lumber mill has a lot of wasps in the area. There are also wasp's nests on the floor that you can destroy to spawn another wasp. This same area also has some spiders around it and also drop tiny venom sacs. One other possible area would be the edges around the swamp. Fireflies are usually found in the swamp borders. Note though that these mobs are not quite as numerous as those found in the area beside the lumbermill but are of a higher level. I'm not certain if this affects the drop rate but is worth to keep in mind.

Tiny Totem
Dropped by: None
Crafted Stats: Healing Power

     Sadly, there is no reliable source of tiny totem in Queensdale. These usually drop from grawls which are not as common in this area.

Tiny Fang
Dropped by: Boars, Worms, Wolves, Skelks
Crafted: Minor Rune of the Ranger, Weak Potion of Krait Slaying

     There are plenty of boars beside the hunting lodge that drop these. Note though that worms and wolves also drop these but the boars are much more abundant in that you can constantly keep killing them. Also, Putrid Skelks in the swamp also drop these (check the map under tiny venom sac).

Bone Chip
Dropped by: Skritts
Crafted Stats: Vitality

Skritt Cave
     Skritts in Windloss Delves drop bone chips. This can be found in a cave south of Lake Delavan sort of in between Shaemoor Garrison and Queen's Forest

Tiny Scale
Dropped by: Drakes, Barracudas
Crafted Stats: Toughness

Drakes Barracudas
     Drakes in the river west of the Shire of Beetletun near Eastern Divinity Dam drops these quite consistently . Alternatively, Barracuda in Lake Devalan are also a good source.

     Note as well that centaurs and bandits drop sacks that can contain a random fine crafting material. This means that it is still possible to get even tiny totems though this may be a bit more random since you don't know which one you will get when you open a sack.

     As always, we are interested to find out how you did with today's crafting tips. If you find a better place, or have any comments, just sound them off below or contact us via our contact page. Until next time!

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