September 14, 2012

Krytan Cartographer: Queensdale Treasure Chest Locations

Krytan Cartographer showcases articles dedicated to showing unique and interesting locations in the world of Guild Wars 2. This will cover map completion, challenging vistas, treasure chest locations and much more.

     Treasure chests are handled slightly differently in Guild Wars 2. Instead of random spawns, chests are found in a specific spot and just has a daily timer attached to it. These chests are also usually guarded by a veteran mob. In this case, think of these like public dungeons where everyone can band together if you happen to be in the same area.

That said, let get started with the human starting area. Queensdale has three treasure chest spawn locations.

Wolf Den
     The first location is in a cave north of Crossing Waypoint. This cave is guarded by a number of wolves as well as a Veteran Wolf Den Mother. The veteran wolf spawns more wolves during the fight. The treasure chest can be found behind the den mother.

Harpy Nest
     The second location slightly northwest of Vale Waypoint. This area is populated by harpies and includes a Veteran Harpy Matriarch. The only unique ability of the matriarch is to fly really high where you won't be able to reach her but aside from that doesn't do anything else. The treasure chest is found inside the harpy nest behind the matriarch.

Bandit Cave
     The final location, and quite possibly the most troublesome among the three is found in Beggar's Burrow. You can get here by going to Ojon's Lumbermill Waypoint then travelling northwest past the lake into a bandit hideout. I mentioned this is quite troublesome due to the fact that the den is littered with bandits which you will have to fight through until you get to a platform before exiting the den. Here you will find a Veteran Bandit Packer which drops bombs constantly. What the mob does is it drops a barrel on the floor which you will have to distance yourself from else you will be caught in the blast that not only damages but also knocks you down for a couple of seconds. The chest can be found beside the spawn of the veteran packer on the platform.

Chest inside Beggar's Burrow
     Needless to say, if you are not yet quite geared (and at times even if you are) it is best to bring a friend to make things a bit easier.

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