August 25, 2012

Chilling with the Servers Down

     I have officially started playing Guild Wars 2 and managed to get my character to level 10 before servers went down around 2 hours ago. So far, my beta impressions are still spot on since I actually played the human area during the beta. There were somethings that were expected such as random lag spikes and flooding of people but overall, the launch was pretty okay considering and I was able to log a good amount of play before everything went down.

     Some notes, the trading post is still the same experience as the beta. It seems that it was built around HTML or something and is quite unreliable at the moment. So far, I wasn't able to sell anything in the trading post due to these issues. Also, it's easy to ignore a lot of the lore within the game due to the sheer number of people. While this will stabilize eventually, I found myself hacking and slashing my way through the content.

     Some pluses though, aside from the occasional lag spike, the gameplay experience was very solid. Skills were responding quite well and I really felt my attacks connect. Also, the game runs smoothly on my Intel i5 and Nvidia GeForce GTX 560M so no issues on framerates here. And I am quite pleased with the skill system used. There is a lot of variety in terms of how to specialize your character and I was already making some significant decisions from level 10.

     Still too early to tell how the rest of the game plays but it's definitely off to a solid start. Check back frequently as I will be posting a piece by piece review of the game soon.

Hope to see everyone in game!

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