August 30, 2012

Arena Net posts State of the Game Update on Reddit

     Arena Net has released a state of the game update on Reddit highlighting several aspects of the game.The topics they touched on revolved around account security and some game systems that have not yet reached its ideal state due to the large influx of players following the launch. Here is a quick summary of some of the topics they covered.

     The team covered some issues regarding the social systems of the game such as parties and guilds. There have been problems for players to stay on the same map even though they are part of the same party. This was primarily caused by the overflow system where a player is placed into another version of the map since the original map is currently full.

     It is also good to hear that the team is actively monitoring and banning botters at this early stage. Botters in general tend to affect the game economy quite negatively. Plus, it's also not a very good experience to be playing a game where half the people are obvious bots.

     Finally, they have also given an update about the trading post. Here is the quote from the original post in Reddit.
Trading Post - Yesterday we tested Trading Post with a random 15% of players. This test helped us gather valuable data to fix important bottlenecks. This afternoon we will test Trading Post with a random 25% of players, and then work to ramp up from there.
     Let's hope that this gets extended to the whole population soon as having a trading post is very useful for people who are inclined to selling their wares and for people to have enough coin for trait resets and repair bills.

You can read the full transcript over at Reddit: State of the Game Update on Reddit

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