September 7, 2012

State of the Game Update for September 7

     There are some significant changes incoming as found in the recent state of the game update released by Arena Net. The company now shows which areas they are targeting next and it seems that some of the main issues since the launch will be addressed tonight. Check past the break as we see what we can expect in tonight's update.

     One slight problem for some players is that the camera view in downed state is too close and it can be hard at times to look for enemies to target so you can rally. This is especially true for some of the larger races such as the norn and the charr. It seems that the team has already addressed this and we should see some better angles for this moving forward.

     The much more significant change that will be coming live tonight is as follows:
We'll fix the issue with parties not staying together as they travel into dungeons.
     This is a very welcome fix as it can be really frustrating to have members of the same party being in different overflow servers when you want to do a dungeon together. This is a step in the right direction though I really hope that they introduce a party finder system in the future to make grouping easier than spamming general map chat a couple of hundred times. I have my fingers crossed.

     The team has also taken steps regarding some complaints about the overflow servers and the pop ups when the original world is ready.
We'll add an option to stop queueing for your home world, for players who want to remain on an overflow server indefinitely without being asked.
     I am on the fence on this one. On one hand, it stops interrupting your screen at various points in the game, however, I think this will just cause confusion in terms of which servers people are at a time. Not sure how this will affect the game but getting into the original world is usually better since you get the buff rewards from  World vs. World (which is not available if you stay in an overflow server). 

     And for those that have already completed their monthly achievements. The achievements have been reset for the select few that weren't reset yet. All the more reason to start doing everything all over again.

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