August 20, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Pre-Launch Checklist

     Only 4 days left until launch day. The guys in Arena Net are hard at work to ensure Guild Wars 2 launches smoothly and on schedule. We have had our share of Error 37 moments and I don't think they want this to happen to them. But even though it's their job to make sure everything is prepared, doesn't mean we don't have to make preparations of our own. So without further ado...The Guild Wars 2 Pre-Launch Checklist

Pre-purchase Guild Wars 2
     While this is quite obvious, note that there is a difference between pre-purchasing and pre-ordering. Quoting the Guild Wars 2 FAQ:

     A Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase involves buying the game in advance—that is, making full payment either through our website or through one of our authorized retailers. Those who pre-purchase Guild Wars 2 earn special benefits, including guaranteed access to our Beta Weekend Events, admittance to the game three days before release during the Headstart Access period, and the Hero's Band, a fantastic in-game item that provides a boost to your character in everything from power to critical damage. Those who pre-purchase the game will receive a Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase serial code from the seller. This code provides access to all the privileges listed above. The Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase is offered for the Digital, Digital Deluxe, and Collector's Editions of the game.

     A Guild Wars 2 Pre-Order is a commitment to purchase Guild Wars 2 through an authorized retailer. Pre-ordering usually involves making a modest deposit. Those who pre-order Guild Wars 2 will be given a special serial code from their retailer that allows them one day of Headstart Access to the game.

     In simple terms, if you bought the game from the official website then you are fine. Note as well that pre-purchases are entitled to a 3-day headstart while the pre-order is entitled to a 1-day headstart. After making sure that you have made the purchase, go to the following website: Guild Wars 2 Account Management then check if you can access your account page.
The Account Management Page
If you can log-in, then great! You have successfully pre-purchased the game.

Download and update your game client
     The Guild Wars 2 team is nice enough to allow pre-loading of the game client. This means that once you have pre-purchased the game, you can go into your account and download the game well before the launch date. This is so that come launch day, all you have to do is log-in. No more staring at your download queue while your friends (who pre-loaded the game) are posting screenshots of their characters frolicking across fields in...dare I say it...Facebook.
Make check for updates regularly to avoid surprises on launch day
     Also, aside from downloading the game, remember to launch the client every once in a while (I suggest once daily until 6 hours before launch which by then you should be opening it every 2 seconds) to check download any updates needed. I had the client since the last beta test and there have been quite a number of updates already so remember to do this.

Convert the launch date to your local time
     The official time that servers will go up for those who pre-purchased is 12:00 AM GMT-7 on 25th of August. If you are still unsure how this translates to you, I have setup a countdown widget on the homepage to act as a guide. Like any other appointment, be on time so you can get in the game early, or at least start queuing early.

     That is about it in terms of preparing for the launch of Guild Wars 2. If you have any other ideas or other essential launch day preparation stuff, be sure to sound off on the comments below.

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